Friday, June 5, 2009

My Sister is a Trooper!

Yesterday at 8:30 I got a call that my sister was definitely having some consistent contractions and Chase would be coming soon! I knew I better get packed and work on getting to Kansas since it is a 5 hour drive! I was able to go to work and do a client and get packed all before 12 pm! We made it to Kansas in due time! When we arrived to Wichita my sisters contractions were about 5 -7 minutes apart. She didn't end up going into the hospital until 2 in the morning, but was sent home after 2 hours. At 4 she went back in cause she threw up during a contraction and the pain was becoming unbearable. It is now 1 in the afternoon and she is stuck at a 9 and we are patiently waiting for Chase to move on down and come on out! As of now she has been in labor for 33 hours. I admire her for how hard she has worked and a great attitude that she has kept! She decided a couple hours ago to get an epideral because she was in such pain and REALLY worn out! Now she is just feeling the pressure instead of all the pain! We are so excited for Chase to come home! He is a little hesitant now, but I know once he gets here he will love it! We have a lot of love to give him! Hopefully soon, the time will come! Thank you family and friends for all your prayers!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anything New?

Our family is just having a great summer already! I absolutely love staying home with the kids more! I really enjoy my time with them! I think Garrett could stay home all day everyday and love it! He loves school too, but I think he prefers being home! Landon is just a social bug...he loves everybody everywhere! I can definitely tell who is whose child? We have spent some of our time out at the lake with Nana and Papa and some time just hanging out at the house! Both of the kids are at very fun stages! Garrett is hilarious of what he remembers! I will ask him at night if he wants to help Mommy water the flowers tomorrow and he will tell me sure...we can throw shoes at the squirrels too! (Let me explain!) One day I was really frustrated with the squirrels eating my flowers. We even went to Lowes to buy some squirrel food to divert them from the flowers....didin't work! I told Garrett if he ever sees a squirrel eating the flowers to pound on the back door and tell them to shooooo. He did that all day! When the day progressed I got even more frustrated and my reaction moved from hitting the window and telling them to running out on the deck with a shoe and chucking it at the squirrel. I learned my lesson though...after a few times of that a big storm blew in and poured rain all in my shoes! OOOPS! It was a great adventure though! Garrett thinks now that everytime we are going to water the plants we are also going to be throwing shoes! LOL!!!

Landon is sooooo much fun now too....he is ALMOST crawling! He can move one hand forward and both legs and then he face plants to the ground! He is trying so hard to move so he can start keepin up with his BRO! He loves to smile and laugh at all of Garretts jokes! Garrett and Ryan can ALWAYS make Lando laugh! One thing I am not so sure of is the whinning already!!! He has learned that from his brother! I am determined to break the whinning in both of them! It's amazing what they can get from the siblings!

Ryan and I are enjoying each other! We are currently in a married bible study group that has its good and hard challenges! We are definitely enjoying the homework each week...we are required to spend time together without the children! Can't forget about each other...that is easier said than done! We are excited for Ryan's upcoming birhtday which hopefully we will be spending at Devils Den. Ryan I think has found something he really likes to do...hike in the mountains!

Welll there is the update for our family! We love you all! I am really trying hard to stay up with all the blogs...facebooks...emails...projects and so forth! Bare with me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow! We need to catch up!!!!

Well Jodie informed me a few days ago that I haven't "blogged" in over a month!!! A lot has happened since then...first of all, Garrett turned 3! Yay! He still isn't pottied trained but as of a couple days ago we have made some small steps towards our goal! He is finally "trying" to potty! He used to not even step foot in the bathroom, but I had to get a little crazy with the creativity to get him in there! We put his bathtoy fishy in the toliet and said if you hit him with your pee he will spit out an M&M. We all know that is crazy, but he is at least trying now! Booty camp is this weekend at Nana and Papa's! Maybe with running around in underwear will help him know exactly when he is going! Also maybe a few bribes with the waverunner will help! I guess I'll have to let yall know soon!

Our next new thing since the last blog...Landon is sitting up on his own and eating some foods! He has loved his peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and pears! He is a big eater just like Garrett! Landon is such a great baby! He is so content and happy and loves to be kissed on! What a blessing he is to have in our family! He is also very very close to crawling! He is at the rocking back and forth on his hands and knees stage!

Any day now my sister is going to have a baby! We are just waiting for that call to tell us he's coming! Even Garrett has been talking about it! He knows that when Chase gets here he gets to play with Jaelyn!

Yesterday the boys and I went to the strawberry patch for the first time! We had a blast! It was a last minute thing from the Chiropractor that we decided so I didn't have my camera. Garrett and I picked a quart full while Landon got a few sun rays in the stroller! After the strawberry patch we did the usual Walmart run and then took our naps...not a very long one! Then off to the photographer for pictures! Hopefully we got some good ones of the boys together! Not too easy to do...let me tell ya. Daddy met us down on Dickson street and we all went out to eat at Common Grounds. A very big day for us...we made it though! Hopefully we will have pictures soon to share with all of you!

Today we have spent the day outside! Man, the boys LOVE outside! We went out at 8:30 am and went in for naps at 1:15pm. We got some good sun! Garrett and Landon wanted a wagon ride so we did that...round and round the neighborhood!

I think we are up to date now! I hope this month I can be a little better at keeping the family posted on our events! Have a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We need each other!!!

This weekend we went to Wichita for Easter! Not only was it a wonderful celebration of Christ's resurrection but also of how Uncle "C" and Aunt "B" are sharing the love that Christ gave them with His children! We are very excited about our new nephew! He has already been a huge blessing to us! Friends and family we ask that you pray for them as they go through this amazing journey! Adopting is a huge process but has major blessings throughout! I praise God that he has made it possible for them to have a child...they will be amazing parents! Congratulations!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Landon's First Snow!

Well I wasn't too excited about this crazy weather today, but it ended up to be pretty neat! I got some cute pics of Landon's first snow! Garrett, of course, was not left out! He wanted his pictures taken as well! I am bound and determined to get a perfect picture of Landon laughing with a cute background!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A wonderful Week with Family!!

We had such a fun week with Jodie and Jaelyn! It's been weird not having them around today! Garrett and Jaelyn play really well together and have SO much fun! Jaelyn was such a great help to have around! She really enjoyed taking care of and playing with Landon! She is definitely ready to be a big sister! (Thank you Jaelyn for always checking to see how "the baby" is doing! We really appreciated all your help!)

There weren't too many days that we could play outside, but when it was nice we took every moment possible to play outdoors! We flew kites...not very long, Garrett flew it into a tree and then ripped it out! (oops!)

It was fun to make cookies, color, sing with "the band" and eat at the J cafe! Thank you again Jodie and Jaelyn for making our week so memorable! We hope that we can see you soon! It will be even more memorable when there is another baby in the mix! Love you so much!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Play date!!

Garrett loves when his friends come over to play! Today Rue came for a few hours and we loved it! They played "chase" for a lot of the time and then we ended up playing the "tickle monster". I got the vacuum out and started vacuuming and they played like it was the monster. So everytime they got off the couch I chased them with the vacuum. When I was done vacuuming I said that I was the tickle monster now! I would hide and they would try and come find me, but before they got to me I jumped out, scared them and chased them to the couch to get tickled! We did that for quite sometime...taking turns too! While all this ruckus was going on...Tank was just giggling at all the craziness! He is so laid back! I also had fun with the kids taking pictures! They were intrigued with looking at themselves on the camera lens! We really enjoyed our day and hope that Rue can come again soon!

Family Picture

Family Picture
Merry Christmas 2008

Christmas at Nana's and Papa's

Christmas at Nana's and Papa's
I love my Nana and Papa

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
The cutest monkey I have ever seen!

Our 1st Christmas with sweet Landon!!

Fun with friends at Chuck E Cheese!

Welcome sweet Taylor!

Garrett's favorite water buddy, Papa!

our little water bug! Summer 2008

he still practices jumping in the water now and it is winter!

splish splash!!